October 05, 2015

Commonplace Monday #2

Commonplace Monday is a series of post wherein, on Monday mornings, I share short quips, sentences -perhaps as much as a paragraph- which I have collected in my various commonplace books and files. If I wrote down or recall where it came from I will certainly give attribution. However, sometimes I write down things and not where they came from. So if you see anything like that here and recognize it, that's what comment sections are for. Anyhow. Here's this week's installment:

You can't yell at your kids at the same time that you're feeling gratitude for them.

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  1. This is so true. Being a parent is really hard, and frightening. I know Mary isn't picking up on anything at all yet, but it terrifies me to understand the kind of impact every little thing I do will have on her one day. As an adult, I can trace so many sinful habits, fears, insecurities, and attitudes back to my parents. What a massively huge responsibility we have to the Lord, and to our children!


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