September 01, 2015


Ambivalence. Questioning. Lack of surety. Phrases and words such as these seem to describe many Americans relationship to abortion. 

Look at those videos? Eh, I couldn't do that...Facebook beckons me away...

Well, okay. Now I've watched them...but what can I do? I'm one person, and I can only control me. Not Planned Parenthood. Not the Federal Government. Not the millions of parents who have their children killed every year. Just me. And that doesn't seem like much. 
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So many people vacillate over whether they are "pro-life" or "pro-choice," caught in the web of the great American lie: shouldn't women have the right to choose? Who am I to tell someone how to live? 

Allow me to offer a suggestion: it's not impeding upon anyone's rights to insist that killing their child is a bad option. An immoral option. An option which, in the long run (an likely even the short run), they will deeply regret. 

How can our ambivalence remain as the Center for Medical Progress puts out video after video showing the way children are not only killed, but chopped, sliced, and diced to be sold? Or worse still, born "intact" (alive!) and either killed or allowed to die, all in the name of "women's health" and "research." Do you realize that health extends beyond ending a pregnancy? Do you understand that even if we buy into the supposedly great benefits of research on fetal tissue, we are destroying children to benefit ourselves? 

Would it be okay for me to kill my child if I thought doing so would lead to the cure for any potential diseases I might have?

I don't see how we can remain neutral here. How is it okay to swing back and forth, to straddle the fence? Is murder okay, so long as it serves a good purpose? 

Speak out, let your voice be heard. Use social media. Personal conversations. Emails, letters to your congressman/women. Support crisis pregnancy centers. If you know a mother who may be considering an abortion, do whatever you can to help her in tangible ways, so that this precious life seems less like a burden and more like the blessing that they truly are. Pray that God would open eyes and saves lives. 

Quit swaying. Quit being tugged away. 

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