October 16, 2013

Rural Ministry Seminars...a valuable resource for your church!

I wanted to take a minute here to plug RMS, or Rural Ministry Seminars.

For those in the North Idaho/Western Montana area, this is an excellent opportunity to bring in practical training on topics such as Bible Study Methods, Sacred Music, Peacemaking/Counseling, and  Bible Teaching to your local church or ministry organization.

This is ministry headed up by Pastor Jim Hunter of Hot Springs, MT. Other teachers include Dr. Micah Hunter and Jake Cremer. Having sat underneath the teaching of each of these men I cannot more highly recommend this resource to you!

Find out more about RMS here: http://rmseminars.vpweb.com/About-the-Seminars.html

For those of you not in the Northwest, but looking to expand and deepen your Biblical knowledge, check out their correspondence courses here:  http://rmseminars.vpweb.com/Correspondence-Courses.html

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