October 18, 2013

An Invitation

As all three of you who read this blog may have noticed, I've posted more in the last week than I had in the previous month. My goal at this point is to publish as follows:

Three, new, original pieces from yours truly each week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)
One Throwback Thursday piece (when I find the time to search for and edit a piece)
One guest post each Friday

This sounds simple enough so long as I keep myself disciplined to write. Here's the kicker-the whole guest post piece means I need help. Though I often wonder if I have multiple personalities, having my other personality write wouldn't really count as a guest post.

Are you interested? Here's what I'm looking for:

Topic- If you peruse my older posts you might notice a little bit of variety, and I'm totally open to something outside of what I normally do. If it's interesting, thought provoking, or well written, the main topic isn't a huge deal to me. Obviously the topics of theology and living as a Christian are what I'm passionate about, and I love making my pitiful stabs at poetry. Your writing is going to stand out if you write about what you are passionate about, and translate that passion to paper.

Length- I'd prefer sub-2,000 words, but I'll make exceptions.

Who- Anyone who has something compelling or interesting to say. I'd even be open to having someone write who wants to debate statements I've made here or elsewhere. That would be fun.

What I'm not looking for- I'm not looking for pieces that are purposefully out to hurt or offend anyone. I realize that opinions and even facts can rub people the wrong way and people get offended over seemingly stupid things. But that's not my goal and I won't post anything that I think is intended that way. I like honesty, not brutality. I'm also not going to post foul or explicit language without some extreme extenuating circumstance. I want parents to feel free to read this blog with little kids around.

What to do- Shoot me either a blog idea or a finished piece at: willdole@live.com

Thanks folks, looking forward to it!

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