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Free Will: Our ticket to Hell

The Goal The argument that God's sovereignty and man's culpability for sin are two ideas which simply do not mesh is nearly as old as Christianity. You see this in the writing of Pelagius and Augustine. Erasmus and Luther. Calvin and Arminius. What I want to accomplish here is a very quick summary of what the Bible says about the "how" of people coming to belief in Christ. Man's Nature We are told, from the very beginning of the Bible, that man is created in the image of God ( Genesis 1:26-28 ). Scholars differ on the precise implication of the word "image", but it is very clear throughout the Bible that God designed us to reflect a number of His attributes. Among these, very basic to our function as humans, is the ability to choose. We make small choices everyday, what color tie to wear, whether to drink Coke or Pepsi, or whether to start our day with granola or fruit loops. We also make big decisions on things such as college, marriage, chi