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An Opening Argument for Christian Political Involvement

"You will be delivered from petty worries if you are concerned about the souls of men." Charles Haddon Spurgeon I approach this topic with some measure of fear and trembling. Not because I fear controversy or want everyone to like me. Far from it. But rather, because issues of politics often seem so trivial, and quite often become trivial because of the way in which they are handled. I am far more concerned about the souls of men than I am systems and forms of government. That being said, government in its various forms has a very real impact on the life of the people who live under governments. This means therefore, that government matters. And in a democratic republic like the US of A, that means that politics matter, because the political system of parties and campaigns and elections is how we determine who holds office and the proverbial reigns of the government. However, many Christians come to this point and begin to feel disillusioned by the process. &qu