August 30, 2012

A faith like Grandma's

Life is well...well, it's life. Beautiful, terrible, wonderful, painful. This poem came to me as I spent some time with my "Grammy" yesterday and talked life. I know I speak for not only myself, but many who know her.

A faith like my grandma
is what I long to gain
Her trust it never wavers
regardless of life's pain

She is strong and sure
her God does never fail
Even when life's storm darkens
she trusts Him to prevail

I have studied many hours
learning deep theology
But my truest times of learning
were at my "Grammies" knee

Without the fancy wording
of a deep and heavy book
She taught me simple trust
"He is Sovereign" says her look

So when I face my own trails
I will know that from His hand
Flows a sweet and bitter providence
and His plan is beyond grand

This faith is what God asks
and indeed, what He requires

And so I thank my Grandma
for this kind of faith, she inspires.

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