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The Import of the Gospel in Youth Ministry

I ought to be in bed right now, being as I have a presentation to do in the morning, but alas, I am suffering some insomnia.  So, I will share with you all something of what I will be talking about tomorrow morning at the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission's Shepherd's Conference here in Missoula.  Wayne and I are splitting a session, sharing with people something of our philosophy of youth ministry.  Youth Ministry takes a lot of shots from more conservative, reformed, and rural people (not because any of those are necessarily connected or related).  Much of this, honestly, is fair criticism.  I recently read the book "Giving up Gimmicks: Reclaiming Youth Ministry From an Entertainment Culture" by Brian Cosby.  Excellent book, if you can get past a little Presbyterianism.  I wasn't quite sure how infant baptism worked into youth ministry, but anyway.  The gist of his book was that youth ministries cannot be divorced from the local church.  No ministry should be divorc