Gently on my roof I hear the rain
It drips on down the window pane
My weary eyes gaze through the glass
I wait and hope this storm shall pass
This falling flood reflects my soul
Where deeply I have sensed a hole
It has come to where my body aches
Because so oft my heart does break
They say out yonder looms the sun
Oh I pray those days would come
That grey times from me would flee
And my heart instead be filled with glee
But indeed I know my need is more
Than my circumstances have in store
My deepest longing is for joy
But life's schemes are so coy
They steal from me that which I seek
And make my place here feel so bleak
In spite of this I thank the One
Who gave for me His only Son
And so I need not clear skies
I need the One who for me dies
To wreck my joy pain may endeavor
But my joy in Him endures forever
In circumstance it's found no longer
So even when the storm grows stronger
I know that I can still find peace
For at last I've been released
From this dark cloud inside my heart
And I am glad to with it part


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