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A tribute to redemption.

I was watching this video and I just thought I'd throw it up here and post a couple songs from the man himself that provide a little bit of contrast.  God does amazing things. Here is the video from Mars Hill Church Here is Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" written by Trent Renzor...a powerfully emotional song coming from him. And the message of hope!  There is redemption in the blood!

Reflection of Affection

Worship, it has been said, is a continuous outpouring of ourselves.  An overflow of my heart, a pursuit and exultation of that which I desire, in essence, a reflection of my affections.  If this is the case, then how often can I honestly say that my worship speaks to a desire for God?  How often am I living in such a way as to exemplify to others the greatness, majesty, and beauty of His character and being?  Is this the story of my life, or am I more often caught up in the "stuff of life," that which the Bible would call worldly desires, or lusts of the flesh?  I have been studying Amos the last couple of months, which has been interesting, and convicting.  In this book, God is speaking through His prophet Amos to the people of Israel.  Israel; the people He has called to be holy, to be set apart, to be different than the world around them.  And this same people whom God had called and who had seen Him work in mighty ways time after time had walked away from Him.  Oh yes, th