Here are the sermons from our church, Le Mars Bible Church. We're blessed to worship with this body of believers.

Here is the Faithlife site (including sermons) of UpRiver Bible Church, in Fernwood, Idaho. Pastor Brian is like a second father to me.

Here is the sermon page at Desiring God. John Piper's sermons have been, excepting those I've listened to week-by-week in the context of the local church, more formative than any others.

I haven't preached too many sermons in places where they get recorded, but here a few:

The Man At The Well  Le Mars Bible Church, March 10, 2019

Does Unity Matter? Le Mars Bible Church, April 15, 2018

Why Are We Here? Plummer Bible Church, November 5, 2017

Joy Amid the Fog: Plummer Bible Church, August 13, 2017

James 1:19-27: Plummer Bible Church, June 12, 2016

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