January 06, 2021

The Evil of Anarchy

Hazarding any sort of guess about what people in the future will remember about our day is just that: a hazard. Memories are short, the news cycle rapid, and it seems plausible that nearly anything could be quickly forgotten. 

But the events of today feel different. Violent protestors stormed the Capitol building of the United States, disrupting the counting of electoral votes, and creating a situation in which one woman was shot dead. This is not the sort of event which is supposed to happen in our country. The peaceful transfer of power is central to our ongoing stability as a nation. And until now, such a transfer seemed a forgone conclusion. But today, we learned what we should have already known: words matter. The stoking of unfounded fears, anger, and conspiracy theories by the President of the United States, the fanning of those verbal flames by media personalities, and the willingness of many people to act on what was (at least tacitly) encouraged has led to a lawlessness that is shameful, and should be a cause of national mourning. 

I am heartbroken. And angry. But I am also grateful. Grateful that though I love this country and am praying that God in his mercy would give some return to normalcy and stability, my hope does not ultimately lie in that happening. Though the nations rage, God reigns on his throne. And we can rest in his good governance of all things. 

I want to keep writing, but so much of what I have to say has already been better said. I would strongly encourage you to follow this link and read Colin Hansen's piece over at The Gospel Coalition, The Day We Saw the Capitol Fall. 


I am proud to be an American, but I have no defense for curious and confused brothers and sisters around the world as they watch our U.S. Capitol under siege. I have no explanation. I don’t know how this happened. I don’t know how a nation with so many churches allowed this to happen. I don’t know why so many professing Christians wanted this to happen.

And I don’t know how it ends.

I think about the next generation watching the hangman’s gallows erected on the west side of the Capitol. I was born shortly after President Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, and only one week after he was shot. I grew up thinking we were supposed to admire politicians.

I know better now. Politicians reflect us. They’re scared of us. And January 6, 2021, shows why.

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