January 01, 2017

5 Books to Consider in 2017

If you've followed my blog at all over the years, you know I like to put forward some sort of book list to start the year. Here are five books which I read in 2016 that I think would be well worth the investment of your time:

Father Hunger, Douglas Wilson
I'm a little bit of a Wilson fanboy, but I think this is clearly his best book (at least of what I've read). Are you a father, a son, or do you have fathers and sons in your life? Then read this book.

Life Under Compulsion, Anthony Esolen
Esolen essentially attacks and reveals as stupid much of the modern compulsion and drive toward busyness, arguing instead that we, especially those of us raising children, ought to spend more time being human.

Crunchy Cons, Rod Dreher
Sick of the fact that you don't fit into the typical Liberal/Conservative paradigms and stereotypes? Does it frustrate you that simply because you identify as conservative people automatically think you are a pro-Big Business, anti-earth, uncaring pig? Me too. Which is why I loved Dreher's book. We really aren't alone.

Lila, Marilynne Robinson
The third in her Gilead trilogy, and honestly the weakest of the three books. But still worthwhile, if for no other reason than to enjoy Robinson's prose.

Family Worship, Don Whitney
A short little book on a topic of mammoth import. Very clear, concise, and compelling.

Here's to a book filled 2017!

Feel free to add your suggestions below.

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