August 12, 2016

Can You Leave Your Kids in Public School?

This is a question I was asking myself long before I ever had children of my own. I determined, along with my wife, that public school simply wasn't an option for us. And because we don't live near any private schools that I would consider, either, that leaves us with homeschooling.

Many parents whom I know, and for whom I have the utmost respect, do choose to send their children to school. I have no doubt that many of them have put much thought into this and feel they have good reasons for doing so.

But with the drastic shift in our culture, I wonder how long parents will continue to consider this a viable option? Consider this post from Rod Dreher over at the American Conservative.  The cultural pressure on our children today to conform to the Sexual Revolution's notion of normal is immense, and it is not happening "out there." It's happening in your local school, among kids that you would never guess it from. Most parents are either complicit in this, being totally carried by the same assumptions and opinions, or are oblivious.

In the above post, Dreher links to a documentary PBS did in the late 90's that is very illustrative of this point. I listened to the audio of the documentary last year when going through some youth ministry lectures from Covenant Seminary, and it was very eye-opening. If not totally surprising.

Anyhow. Please follow the link to the Dreher piece, and seriously consider, is sending my children to school a wise option for their discipleship?

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