July 14, 2016

God and Morgan Freeman

Over at the Southern Evangelical Seminary blog, my good friend Levi Kilian (who has guest blogged here before) has a piece entitled God and Morgan Freeman. Head on over and give it a read. It's a little lengthy and somewhat dense, but very worth your time.

When we speak about God, is the question, "Who is God?" an appropriate place to begin? From Levi's article:
[A]s important as the question “Who is God?” is, before we can answer it we must first ask the question “Does God exist?” If we don’t deal with the question of God’s existence, then there is no God to know about in the first place. Asking “Who is God?” presupposes that he exists. If we can know that God exists, then we can begin to delimit Who he is—i.e. whether he is the God or gods of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.
Are all truth claims equal? Could it simply be possible that all religions are true in their own way?
 Contrary to what Freeman implies in his method, not every religion or belief concerning God is equally agreeable to the truths of reality. Not all ideas have an equal stake on the truth. Not all ideas of God equally reflect the truth, and not all beliefs about God or gods can be true. For example, if monotheism is true, then pantheism, polytheism, and atheism are false. This is not intolerant or bigoted. It is simply a consequence of the unquestionable principle of contradiction: “A thing cannot be and not be at the same time and under the same aspect.”
Do you enjoy logic? Do you value truth? Then head on over and read the entire piece.

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