February 01, 2016

Caucusing for Carly

This time four years ago my wife and I still resided in the great state of Idaho. And while I often miss mountains, trout fishing, and elk, come campaign time for the Presidential nominating process, Iowa is the place to be. You can see almost any candidate you want, up close and personal. You can shake hands, go to town hall meetings, ask questions, and expect responses. Because everyone wants to win the first-in-the-nation caucus. Well, not Jim Gilmore, but who knew he was still running until last Thursday?

The first thing I want you to do is, if you are in Iowa, urge you to caucus tonight. Hopefully you have done your research on the candidates, know where they stand, and know whom you wish to support. This is such a small, yet important, part of what it means to exercise our rights as citizens. Please don't let something small like a sports event, or TV show, or the inconvenience of a few lost hours keep you from participating in this process.

Second, if you don't live in Iowa, you need to have your rear in gear when it comes to learning about the candidates. Have a list of top five or six, so that, even if several drop out before it's your turn to vote, you aren't confused about who to cast your ballot in favor of.

Finally, I want to put up a few links and videos to give you some food for thought; by which I mean, push you towards a vote for Carly Fiorina!

Watch the rest of the Why Carly Videos Here

A Letter from Carly

Carly's Blueprint for America

Happy Caucusing!

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