July 28, 2015

End Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood needs to die. If you don't realize that by now, you need to watch this video.

Once you've done that, start sharing it. As Doug Wilson has been heralding, we have to keep this story all over people's Twitter and Facebook feeds. We live in a society driven my momentary outrage that fades into complete inaction. We have to keep this in front of our faces and everyone else's, lest we become numb again to the fact that we are, by virtue of our legal system, tax dollars, and silence, complicit in these crimes against humanity. 

Contact your Congressional representatives. Hold their feet to the fire. Harass them- politely, but forcefully. They work for us, and we are done tolerating murder, dismemberment, and the sale of children. 

Stop supporting businesses that support Planned Parenthood. I'm contacting my cellphone provider post-haste, and if I don't see action, they are losing my money. In all of this, money talks; and Pro-lifers need to start speaking with more than simple words.

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