September 01, 2014

10 Influences

I read an interesting list today from Drew G. I. Hart over at the Christian Century on 10 books that had "stuck" with him (you can read that piece here: I thought posting a list of my own would be fun. Bear in mind that my reading is fairly narrow and some books have, I'm sure, made impacts on me that I do not consciously notice or remember, making these lists far more fun than useful. But they are fun.

In no particular order:

1. The Holiness of God: R.C. Sproul

2. Don't Waste Your Life: John Piper

3. The Great Divorce: C.S. Lewis

4. Bonhoeffer: Eric Metaxas

5. Future Grace: John Piper

6. Lasting Valor: Vernon Baker

7. A Sweet and Bitter Providence: John Piper

8. Surprised by Joy: C.S. Lewis

9. Radical: David Platt

10. Systematic Theology: Wayne Grudem

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