May 28, 2014

Learning the Bible

I have noticed an encouraging trend. That being the urge to provide high quality Biblical education to anyone who wants it, either free of charge or for a very minimal cost.
The traditional paradigm of going to Bible college or seminary if you want to learn about the Bible or pursue ministry is either impractical or impossible for many people.
If this is you, here are three links you may want to check out

Biblical Training

Bible Training Center

Contenders Bible School

I'm a graduate of the Bible Training Center, so my bias is there. However, my main encouragement to you would be to plug into something like this (if your church offers similar classes, so much the better!). If you can go to a brick and mortar school, that is wonderful. Many can't or won't. Don't let that stop you from pursuing a deeper knowledge of God and His word.

As I said, this trend toward providing as much training as possible for minimal to zero cost is a very encouraging one to me. The harvest is plentiful, the laborers few. Let's not restrict potential workers to those who can afford to take on debt or pay for school out of pocket. Let's make it available to any who want to put the sweat, hours, prayer, and effort into becoming equipped.

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