November 21, 2013

When less is more

So, as you may have noticed, that little blogging flourish in October died off as soon as November hit. The reason is really pretty simple. I realized that less is more.

But that needs a little elaboration. Because sometimes less is less.

Less is more

What do I mean by less is more? I mean, less blogging means, for me, more productive writing. I have come to realize that while I do need to be writing, that doesn't mean I need to be blogging. Not every thought that crosses my mind is publish-worthy. I have a hard time with that. I am part of the Selfie Generation, and we think that what we think is the most important thing ever thunk. But it isn't. Most of what I've written on here needs drastically re-written, re-worked, and generally edited (with a heavy hand!). 

That's not to say that I won't ever blog. Should an idea that I feel is blog worthy come along, you can of course expect me to write about it on here, no different that I have before. But I have realized that I need not feel guilty about that being every month or two. Not only am I not currently a blogger, I have never desired to be a blogger. I want to write. They aren't the same. If I am wrapped up in writing for my blog 2, 3, 4 times a week, it robs from other, more important writing tasks. Books don't get written when I'm blogging. Articles don't get written when I'm blogging. Letters go unwritten, journals go untouched. I am thankful for blogs, both those of excellent bloggers, and those for guys like me who have an occasional thought to share. But I can't worship it. Focus is needed. And in my case, that focus cannot, and should not, be on a blog. 

Less is less

One of the rules of blogging, if you want to be read that is, is that you need to write short pieces. Concise, well organized, to the point. While this sort of writing is a helpful exercise for those with diarrhea of the mouth (or fingers, as the case may be); it also is in-conducive to fully developing thoughts, and as such is...well...not quite "my style."

All of this to say-it's back to the normal occasional post on here, I'm just through feeling guilty about that. Here's to less blogging, and more writing!


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