May 04, 2013

In pursuit of more frequent writing.

I have oft lamented at the begining of a post how long it has been since my previous one. For example, it's been over a month right now. So, for the information of all interested, I am going to attempt to post more often.

In the past, my posting has been basically dependant on the alinging of circumstances such as my mood, my ability to articulate pmy thoughts into writing, and being in an area with wifi in order to upload such thoughts onto the web. I have realized though that I simply need to discipline myself to write whenever the opportunity presents itself, and then make a point of finding time to get it posted. Writing seems to be the primary way God has gifted me for encouraging thought and faith, and for me to neglect the gift given me seems to conflict with the instruction given by Paul to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:6. So, for my neglegence, I believe I owe an apology. And an attempt at improvement.

For a preview of what's to come, here's what I'm thinking (obviously subject to change):

1) In my previous post I hinted that I would be examing some political issues and explaining where I land on them, and why. These issues will be far from running the gamut in a political sense, but I hope they will aid you in working through issues from a Biblical worldview, and I look forward to some push-back and discussion with those who may disagree.
2) I plan on posting more short, devotional-styled writing. I still will write my running rambles from time to time, but part of my hesitancy to blog in the past has been the fact that I set a precendant where most of my post were over 1000 words. I'm realizing that it can be both/and rather than simply either/or.
3) In contrast with the last post, I also have a few sermon manuscripts which I will edit and post. I realize not many people will have interest in reading through a manuscript, but some may find help in a more thorough examination of a text or topic than a typical blog post is going to provide.

So, all if that to say, I plan to write more often. Posting such a statement here allows you to hold me accountable to that.

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