5 Labor and Hospital Rules for Husbands

Earlier this week my wife and I welcomed our sweet daughter into the world. Surrounding this  I spent almost 15 hours with my wife while she labored, and because they had to do a c-section, there followed a two day hospital stay. This experience left me with some adivce for husbands and dads.

1. Do not crack jokes at a laboring woman. She will not appreciate the genius of your wit.

2. Make every effort not to laugh at your wife, regardless of what funny things she says and does. Again, her sense of humor at this point is somewhat off-kilter.

3. At the hospital, you have to pay attention to what doctors and nurses are saying, and be willing to say no for your wife. She may very well be drugged past the point of understanding a word they say.

4. Bring coffee money. Hospital coffee is something akin to paint thinner. Although that may be slanderous to the paint thinner.

5. On a serious note. Husbands, this is a life changing event. Obviously I have to say that because it's my first kid, but even if it is number 25, the fact remains that your life will be altered. This experience can be extremely physically and emotionally taxing on your wife. Which means you need to be there. You need to be there. Not in the waiting room, either. You need to be with her as much as you possibly can be during this time. You are mandated biblicaly to love, guard, and protect your wife. That is never more neccesary than right here and now. So be a man, and help your wife. Sacrifice your time, your comfort level, and your agenda of things to do. Love your wife. Be there.


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    You were Awesome Will

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