December 13, 2012

A little note on fiscal foolishness

A poem dedicated to our dear government and our foolish spending habits.

Little man up on the moon
We shall all meet you soon
Yes we will see your face
As we invade your happy place

Cause NASA'a flying everywhere
Using our funds to get up there
Our governement finds it wise
Fiscal discretion to despise

So we shall soar on up to you
With wallets feeling rather blue
Our debts shall climb up ever on
And soon our money will be gone

Note: I love the idea of exploring space. I don't believe anyone lives on the moon. Or anywhere else in space. I realize we've already been to the moon. My point is this-our government is spending money on a lot of things that, while good, are not the proper function of government. And it will be the end of our nation, perhaps sooner rather than later.
So is space exploration good? Sure. Is feeding the poor and needy good, nay, vital? Absolutely. Do we want the economy to do well and businesses to succeed? Of course. However, is it the job of the federal government to care for the needy, or should I as an individual, and we collectively through churches and charities take on that responsibility? Should the government control the winners and losers in the business world, and inject (through taxation) our money into a business that obviously had not been supported enough for them to succeed? And is space exploration really as crucial as taking care of our mounting indebtedness to countries such as China and Russia? Worth pondering.
But our politicians won't ponder these things. Because serious and substantial cuts in federal spending are not on their radar. Why? Because the average joe is happy to borrow from their children and grandchildren to enjoy their current standard of living. We aren't willing to be responsible adults. It might be uncomfortable. Oh, America. The little man on the moon is probably shaking his head.

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