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Weather Commentary

Rain drops falling hard and fast It seems that spring has come at last The old barn boards grey with age Here sit and soak up another page Another season that has come and gone This last Winter didn't really stay too long Right now the creek out front is overflowing Where has gone the sun with it's warm glowing I suppose we'll see it more around July We might even see ninety for a high But honestly I sure do like the rain It seems in a way to melt the pain The downpour on my roof is soothing When my heart it seems beyond amusing Yes there is a reason for all sorts of weather Perhaps the sunshine would not be better I know that you my friend may prefer it But that I fear is by no means a deterrent To me from thanking God for the damp Cold soggy air as I sit by my lamp I love that sound of rushing water Even if my friends it does bother So let's enjoy and soak it up while it lasts For we know that all the

A tip of the hat to a dear friend.

The title describes exactly what I want to do.  Two years ago today a young man who has left an undeniable mark on many lives, was taken home by his Heavenly Father.  Why God decided Alex needed to go so soon, I honestly have no idea.  But the impact he made and the lives he touched in his short time here, is undeniable. Now I realize, as I hope you do, that Facebook is a poor measure of reality.  But I could not help but noticed as I pulled up my home page today, the number of statuses reading something to the affect of  "Alex, we love and miss you, RIP."  Obviously everyone put their own twist and touch on it, but that was the sentiment.  How does one person touch so many? Part of it was simply a function of his personality.  The dude was a show-off.  And he was good at it.  He loved attention, he loved the spotlight, and more than that, he loved to make people laugh and have fun.   Making people smile was something Alex absolutely excelled at.  And his own smile was no