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Reading with the Holy Spirit



Gently on my roof I hear the rain It drips on down the window pane My weary eyes gaze through the glass I wait and hope this storm shall pass This falling flood reflects my soul Where deeply I have sensed a hole It has come to where my body aches Because so oft my heart does break They say out yonder looms the sun Oh I pray those days would come That grey times from me would flee And my heart instead be filled with glee But indeed I know my need is more Than my circumstances have in store My deepest longing is for joy But life's schemes are so coy They steal from me that which I seek And make my place here feel so bleak In spite of this I thank the One Who gave for me His only Son And so I need not clear skies I need the One who for me dies To wreck my joy pain may endeavor But my joy in Him endures forever In circumstance it's found no longer So even when the storm grows stronger I know that I can still find peace For at last I've been released From this dark cloud inside

Honor, Love, Fear.

“Honor all people.  Love the brotherhood.  Fear God.  Honor the king.”  1 Peter 2:17 I love that verse.  It’s in the middle of a section where Peter deals a lot with submission.  Submission to government, submission to masters, submission of wives to their husbands, and so on.  And I love this verse because in 11 words we’re told basically what we need to know in order to live our lives in a godly way. “Honor all people.”  Do we do that?  No.  We judge people for the simple fact that they are different than us.  We condemn people because of their outward appearances.  We call people -who God created- ugly; or refer to them as a “waste of air.”  Really?  Is that congruent with how the Bible would speak of us?  Genesis 1:26-27 talks about God doing what?  Making man in His own image.  And in verse 31 He refers to that as “very good.”  Interesting.  God has declared that man being made in His own image is very good…and I call it ugly.  Now obviously, you can bring up the fact that in

A world of resources...

Hey folks. This isn't meant to be a lengthy post full of original thought, I just want to point out a few things that perhaps ought to be obvious, but are often times overlooked, especially by your truly. We live in a world full of informational resources.  By that I mean that you have, at your fingertips, on your PC, laptop, phone, tablet, etc., more access to information than any other generation in history.  In a matter of seconds you have the ability to pull up resources on topics that would have taken you days or months of library searching to amass information on just 20 years ago.  That is crazy, isn't it?  How much crazier is it, then, that we fail to utilize this?  I personally tend to be a little puzzled by people when they claim they want to know more about something but just don't know where to look.  Hello, the world is at your fingertips, this is the 21st Century.  But instead of ripping people's laziness to shreds...which I am apt to do...but rather, I