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A quick thought...

how foolish is the church today?  We are so focused this new method and that new method, and how to reach people, and how to make everyone like us, and how to avoid offending people...and don't look now, but in an effort to "win souls", we've lost our own.  We're busy out here, not giving people the Gospel message, but chasing after our own glory.  We're too busy scratching people's itchy ears.  It is high time we refocused our attention...or in many cases, simply focus, it was never there to start with.  Our focus need to be Jesus.  We need to tell people about the problem of sin.  It gets skipped because when we talk about it it offends people.  Well let me pose this question.  Do you think they'd prefer that you tell them now and run the risk of offending them, or would they like you to brush it off and let them find out on their own that God is Holy and hates sin?  In the immediate sense, of course people want to hear nice things, but we have to qu